You need to book an accommodation in the US. Search no more! Tell us about your preferences and we will send you a list of the available options near your study institution. Below are highlights of the options available in the US.

Most of the international students arriving to the US opt for one of two accommodation solutions:


This means that the student will stay in facilities run by the university or the language schools. Those facilities ensure a close distance to classes, and a more academic atmosphere:

  • Students residences: Rooms can be single or shared, shower facilities can be also individual or shared. Generally, dorms

have a cafeteria and students can eat on-campus. Some American universities require all their students under 21 to stay at the dorm.

  • Students apartments: Some universities have more housing facilities, including apartments’ buildings. Students can share their apartments with some fellow students or with their families, if allowed by the university. Unfortunately, this option is not available in every university.


  • Host family: the student will stay with a local family. This solution will be particularly beneficial for the students trying to immerse themselves in the language, and take advantage of every single minute of their stay either at the school or at home. This option is also preferred for students of young age (16-18) as it provides a home-like environment for them. In many cases, staying with a host family can be cheaper than staying in a private apartment.
  • Apartments: Students can also rent an apartment off-campus.
  • Cheap temporary housing: in some cities some hostels or hotels offer rooms rentals on monthly basis. This option could be considered as a temporary option.

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