Community colleges are two-years higher education institutions, that offer a less expensive and a more accessible path for students to work toward a university degree.

A lot of students consider starting their university studies in a community college before moving to a four-years program at another university, for one of the many benefits:


  • save some money on tuition for the first two years, as community colleges charge lower tuition fees than their 4-years peers,
  • career plans limited to obtain an associate diploma, and get a more professionally-oriented education,
  • enjoy the chance to work on the missing requirements for admission, as many community colleges offer even high school completion program for the students who didn’t finish high school.

In addition, to all those benefits, many CC’s offer their

students with a progression option, in order to finish their bachelor degree at a partner university. Students can apply for admission in their final intended university/major even before starting the studies at the community college.

If you are interested in studying at a community college, our team can suggest a list of remarkable colleges which would allow later to finish your BA in 2 years after the graduation from the community college.

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