Country name: Canada

Population: 34, 5 mln

Capital: Ottawa

Other big cities: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver

Currency: Canadian dollar

Official language: English, French

Facts about religion: In Canada there are approximately over 24,000 churches, 180 synagogues and Jewish congregations, over 100 Hindu temples, and big number of mosques.

Why to choose Canada?

Canada has been for years among the TOP5 destinations chosen by international students.


Canada offers a large choice of high quality ESL centers and a big number of world-class universities. It is also a great place to live, and has a thriving economy.


Visitors to Canada will enjoy the sun in summer with temperatures reaching above 30°C. During the winter heavy snow comes generally with cold waves and temperature can reach even -30°C.

Living expenses*

Yearly expected expenses (not including tuition): 11 000 CAD

Price of food:

Bread – 2.75 CAD

Milk- 2 CAD

1 kg of rice – 3.70 CAD

A meal in inexpensive restaurant – 13 CAD

 The average rent of 1 bedroom apartment per month – between 840-1100* CAD, depending on the location (city center, or suburbs).

 Basic utilities (electricity, heating, water, garbage) - around 155 CAD per month

*The prices vary a lot from one province to another and from one city to another.

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