Country name: The People’s Republic of China

Population: over 1.35 billion

Capital: Beijing

Other big cities: Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou

Currency: Renminbi / Yuan

Official language: Standard Mandarin

Facts about religion: The Constitution of the People's Republic of China guarantees freedom of religion. You can meet the followers of Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Christianity in every part of the country. There are around 20 000 Buddhist temples, 300 Taoist temples, 55 000 Christian churches and around

40 000 mosques in China.

Why to choose China?

It’s a beautiful country which is a home to many prestigious colleges and universities with very high reputation. In 2013 more than 350 000 international students were studying on Chinese universities. That’s why China is one of the top non-English speaking destinations for the students from all over the world.

Climate: mainly continental monsoon, but it varies from one part of the country to another.  The northeast region has hot dry summers and cold winters. The central north is similar, but there is almost continual rainfall. There is a substantial rainfall with semi-tropical summers and cool winters on the southeast. Flooding can occur in the central, southern and western regions of China.

Temperature: North China - in winter average temperature is between 0- 5°C, in summer it’s around  15°C; East China- In winter it’s around 15°C and in summer it’s around 24°C; South Central China is the warmest part with winter temperatures around 19°C and summer around 26°C.

Living expenses*

Yearly expected expenses (not including tuition): 60 000 ¥

Prices of food:

Milk – 13 ¥

Bread – 10 ¥

1 kg of rice – 6 ¥

A meal in inexpensive restaurant – 23 ¥

The average rental of 1 bedroom apartment – between 2 100 ¥ and 3 800 ¥ depending if it is city centre or outskirts.

Basic utilities (electricity, heating, water and garbage) - about 340 ¥ per month

*The prices vary a lot from one region to another and from one city to another.

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