Country name: Sultanate of Oman

Population: about 4 million

Capital: Muscat

Other big cities: As Sib al Jadidah, Salalah, Bawshar

Currency: Omani rial

Official language: Arabic

Facts about religion:  Islam is the state religion. Basic law prohibits discrimination based on religion and provides freedom of practicing religious rites according to Article 28 of Oman’s Constitution of 1996. In Oman there are 90 Christian congregations and 4 Hindu Temples.

Climate: Oman has one of the hottest climate in the world characterized by annual variation temperature, very few rainfalls, and low humidity. Temperatures are very high - could reach even 50 °C (122.0 °F) during the peak season from May to September and around 20 °C in January.


Who to choose Oman?

Oman is recognized as one of the most rapidly- growing Arab country over the last 50 years especially in education sector. The first University in Oman was founded in 1986, now number of Higher Education Institution has increased up to 20 and all of them offer a huge range of subjects and programmes addresses to the students from all over the world.

The living expenses*

Yearly expected expenses (not including tuition): $ 30 600 (11 780 OR)

Price of food:

Milk – 0.68 OR

Bread – 0.40 OR

1 kg of rice – 0.64 OR

A meal in inexpensive restaurant - about 1.50 OR.

The average rent of 1 bedroom apartment per month – average 200-280 OR  depending if it is city centre or outskirts.

 Basic utilities (electricity, heating, water, garbage) - around 24 OR per month

*The prices vary a lot from one governorate to another and from one city to another.

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