Country name: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Population: over 63 million

Capital: London, which is also the capital for England. For Wales the capital is Cardiff, for Scotland- Edinburgh and for Northern Ireland it is Belfast.


Other big cities: Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield

Currency: pound sterling

Official languages: English, Welsh, Scots and Gaelic

Facts about religion: The right to freedom of religion is guaranteed by European Convention on Human Rights, which was signed by the UK. In Great Britain there are about 37 500 churches, over 1700 mosques, 400 synagogues and 150 Hindu temples.

Climate: temperate maritime.

Temperature: the average winter temperature is 4.4° C (40 F) and in summer about 15.6° (60 F).

Why to choose the UK?

The quality of both: teaching and education institutions makes the UK one of top destinations for international students. The UK is chosen not only for university studies but also for language courses recognized worldwide. The vibrant environment of the country helps to immerse in the culture and accelerate the process of learning English. 

Living expenses*

Yearly expected expenses (not including tuition): £12 000

Prices of food:

Milk - 1 £

Bread - 1 £ 

1 kg of rice - 1.4£

A meal in inexpensive restaurant - 10£

The average rent of 1 bedroom apartment per month - around 570-690 £ per month, depending if it is city centre or outskirts

Basic utilities (electricity, heating, water and garbage) - about 150 £ per month

*The prices vary a lot from one county to another and from one city to another.

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