In order to offer the best to our students and help them succeed in their intended studies, our team regularly compiles information about available financial aid that students can apply for.
Should you be interested in one of the scholarships advertised below, feel free to contact our team to receive more information.

The information is classified based on the source of the funding. Some are offered by universities and other institutions to their students:

Scholarships for studies in the USA

Please visit us soon, for more updates. 

Scholarships for studies in the UK

Please visit us soon, for more updates. 

Scholarships for studies in the Canada

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Government scholarships for Saudi students

The Saudi government is offering full scholarships to tens of thousands of Saudi students every year. Students can earn a scholarship either through:


- the King Abdullah Scholarships Program

- capacity building scholarships offered by universities to their teaching staff

- training scholarships offered by specific ministries to the members of their staff

Notwithstanding the source of the funding, all recipients have to abide by the rules and regulations set by the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission, relevant to the host-country.

With many years of experience helping hundreds of Saudi students meet the requirements of SACM, our consultants would be happy to help you succeed in your pursuit of securing the funding that will allow you to study in your dream country, with the least of financial burden.

For more information please contact us.

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